Volunteer Learning Centre

The Volunteer Learning Centre (VLC), previously known as Senior Volunteer Training Centre, was inaugurated in 2012 with the goal to facilitate transformational learning where senior volunteers acquire new skills that will empower them to leverage their lived experience to influence, engage and serve the community.

Since then, VLC has developed programmes specifically for volunteer development and skills enhancement.  VLC workshops are delivered by senior volunteers who are skilled facilitators with a wealth of voluntary and corporate experience.

VLC's provision of an eco-system to train, prepare and deploy volunteers hits the nail on the head as the centre’s outstanding results further signal the needs of trained volunteers and the impact of senior volunteers not just to the greying population but to a knitted wider community in Singapore.

In 2016, RSVP Singapore made a significant milestone in coming up with the first e-learn module* created through the effort of our volunteers. VLC also announced RSVP Singapore’s “Volunteer Learning Journey” at the National Senior Volunteer Month 2016 Opening Ceremony, drawing on the five levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Physiological, Safety, Belonging, Esteem and Self-Actualization) to encourage volunteers to embrace a mindset of continuous learning.  The journey describes the 12 modules volunteers go through step by step, as they learn through volunteering and training. 

For more information, please download our flyer here.


Step 1

  • 101 BEV: Be an Effective Volunteer
  • 102 BEF: Building Meaningful Befriending Relationships
  • 103 GTT: Growing Together as a Team for Service

Step 2

  • 201 MIC: Managing Interpersonal Conflicts in Volunteerism
  • 202 CS: Providing Customer Service as a Volunteer
  • 203 HAS: Handling Awkward Situations when Serving as a Volunteer
  • 204 ES: Engaging Seniors as a Volunteer

Step 3

  • 301 CE: Communicating Effectively to Better Connect as a Volunteer
  • 302 EI: Developing Emotional Intelligence for Volunteerism
  • 303 EL: Enhancing Your Capacity as an Empathetic Listener

Step 4

  • 401 COA: Gaining Appreciation for Counselling Older Adults
  • 402 SL: Developing Servant Leadership for Volunteerism

Step 5

When volunteers realise their full potential in volunteerism (e.g. by leading a committee or becoming a Board Member), they achieve self-actualisation by proactively contributing to the organisation they serve.


(*The RSVP e-learn BEV module will not replace the existing ½ day training workshop conducted for RSVP Singapore volunteers.  It is recommended for blended learning.) 

You may drop an enquiry at general@rsvp.org.sg.