Be a Senior Volunteer

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If you are 40 years and above and are able to spend half a day every month, you can contribute your talents and skills in many meaningful ways.


1) Volunteer as a Befriender

  • Support rehabilitating mental health patients through their recovery (Mentally Disadvantaged Outreach Programme)
  • Encourage socially isolated and vulnerable seniors though relationships and community activities to keep them physically and mentally active (Enriching Lives of Seniors Programme)
  • Engage elderly patients that have been discharged from hospital care (MyBuddy)
  • Mentor and supervise at-risk primary school children from low income families (Mentoring)


2) Volunteer as a Trainer

  • Help seniors bridge the digital divide by developing their IT skills (Cyberguide)
  • Train and develop effective volunteers and volunteer team leaders (Volunteer Learning Centre)


3) Volunteer as a Guide

  • Conduct guided tours at heritage centres, art galleries and places of interest, or serve as concierge and guide in hospitals and/or galleries (Senior Guiding)


4) Admin Volunteers

  • Offer administrative support during office hours on weekdays at our office e.g. front office reception, mass mailing, phone calling, data entry and processing.


5) Other volunteering opportunities include:

  • Consultancy Services - Be part of a team of over 100 experienced senior executives and professionals offering their expertise and work experience by vying for consultancy and training projects at competitive rates (ProGuide)
  • Communications Liaison - Contribute your talents in writing, editing, vetting and/or translating articles/speeches from English to Chinese
  • Episodic Volunteers - If you are interested to volunteer but cannot commit to a regular volunteering schedule, or would like to try out volunteering without committing to a particular service, join us as our ad-hoc volunteer. All ages welcome
  • Fundraising Liaison – Be involved in our fundraising efforts to support RSVP’s community services


For more enquiries, you can check our FAQ on Volunteering or alternatively you can give us a call at 6259 0802 or email


Be an RSVP Senior Volunteer!  Sign up here