Changi Service Ambassador Programme

This programme is in partnership with the Changi Airport Group. Volunteers act as “roving ambassadors” in the arrival areas of Singapore’s world class Changi Airport. They greet and attend to visitors and passengers primarily by giving direction to places within the airport such as shopping, dining and recreational outlets. 

They provide guidance on ground transport options out of the airport. They also conduct tours of the gardens in the Transit Mall namely, the butterfly garden, the cactus garden and the theme garden.


REQUIREMENTS: We are actively recruiting & training new Changi Service Ambassadors. A commitment of AT LEAST 6 MONTHS is required. Volunteers will undergo an interview for suitability and training will be provided before guiding begins. The volunteer hours is 4 hours from 4pm to 8pm.


To SIGN UP, please contact Ms Savitha Udpa at Tel: 62590802 or email her at Please provide your Name, NRIC, email address & contact number.