Hosting Programme

Hosting is a well-established programme for international students from the National University of Singapore (NUS), and for short-term Government officers who come for training under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' (MFA) programme.

This programme involves hosts befriending the foreign guests. They help the guests adapt to living in Singapore and to gain confidence, especially in English. The hosts do this by inviting their guests home for festivals and other celebrations including Chinese New Year. They are also free to invite them to other fun events such as concerts.

NUS has many exchange students besides the usual undergraduate and graduate international students. This hosting arrangement for the NUS programme lasts for about six months for exchange students, while for undergraduates it is longer.

The MFA programme involves short-term Government guests, who stay about two weeks. During the two weeks, our Government makes sure that the guest is invited once to a Singaporean home. The purpose for this is to allow the guest to socialise with the 'ordinary' Singaporean family, in the hope that the guest will go home with pleasant memories of Singapore.

All the above programmes offer no in-house stay.