Silver IT Care

This programme aims to impart basic skills and knowledge to seniors in carrying out routine housekeeping and general maintenance of computers. Seniors are also encouraged to form small self -help groups or communities among themselves to keep one another updated and to share knowledge on best practices in computer maintenance.  After gaining the maintenance knowledge, they are able to resolve simple IT issues and problems by themselves and enjoy the full benefits that IT can bring them.

Having problems with your computer? 电脑有问题吗?
Do not know who to ask? 不知问谁? 
Call us or visit us! 请向我们询问! 

Hotline/热线号码:6485 6134

Email / 电邮:   

Opening Hours / 开放时间: Monday – Friday  星期一至星期五 12.30pm – 3.30pm


Be a Silver IT Care Volunteer

Support the Silver IT Care Programme as a helpline volunteer to assist and impart skills and knowledge of general computer maintenance and routine housekeeping to fellow seniors. Prior knowledge in technical IT skills is essential.

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