Training Centre (SVTC)

SVTC was inaugurated in 2012 with the goal to facilitate transformational learning where senior volunteers acquire new skills that will empower them to leverage their lived experience to influence, engage and serve the community. With this goal in mind, SVTC gained the confidence of SATS Foundation in 2012 to fund its training initiatives for 3 years beginning with a seed funding to support RSVP in course development and programme specifically for volunteer development and skills enhancement.

True to RSVP's vision to be Singapore's premier organisation of active seniors serving and enriching lives through volunteerism, SVTC workshops continued to be delivered by volunteers who are experienced facilitators with wealth of voluntary and corporate experience. SVTC's provision of an eco-system to train, prepare and deploy senior volunteers hit the nail on the head as the centre not only exceeded its own forecast and performance indicators by funders in its formation years but was commissioned by the President's Challenge Volunteer Drive, Thye Hua Kwan, NTUC Health, People's Association respectively to develop and provide workshops for its staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. The outstanding results further signal the needs of trained volunteers and the impact of senior volunteers not just to the greying population but a knitted wider community in Singapore.