Mdm Lim Geok Pee

Volunteering with RSVP since 2010....


In 2010, with some spare time on hand, after so many years helping to bring up my ten grandchildren, I wanted to find something useful to do, somewhere to express myself and relate to others. I searched the web and discovered RSVP, a worthwhile organisation, engaging seniors as volunteers, basing on goodwill and not profit driven. I joined RSVP and enrolled as a Mentor Volunteer, spending an afternoon three to four hours weekly in a school near where I live.


Now I volunteer in the Enriching Lives of Seniors programme (ELSP). I like to help others, talk to people and be around them. Seeing these lonely seniors at the Care Corner breaking into a big smile and eyes sparkling with appreciation, give us a very good feeling inside. I believe these seniors feel the same  when they see us volunteers smile, care and accept them as they are.


It was really the demise of  my late mother-in-law that drove me to be involved with ELSP programme. She was totally bed-ridden when she had a stroke eleven years ago. Though I was not her care-giver, I had to attend and take care of all her needs. Her death in January 2003 created an emptiness in me: 'The need to be needed'.


I take volunteering seriously and find joy and satisfaction out of it. Somehow it is nice to know that I am still able to help others and return to society with my experiences. I am sure those seniors who are involved in any volunteer work  agree and share my sentiments. For those who are still considering to join, do not hesitate. Step forward boldly! You will not regret it if you put your heart to it.


Brothers and sisters, join RSVP!

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