Mdm Yeong Yuen Hoe

Volunteering with RSVP since 2007...



I got to know about RSVP through the newspapers and as I wanted to learn to use the computer I joined their Basic Computer course in January 2007. I found that RSVP is a very good place for seniors to learn the new technology. The volunteers are so friendly, so generous, so kind and so patient in contributing their knowledge, time and energy to teach everyone in the class.

After completing the three day course, I came to practice every day from Monday to Saturday. At the same time, in order to widen my computer knowledge, I took some other IT courses. A year later I decided to volunteer in the Cyberguide Programme as a Tutor. Another year later, I took charge of one of the Practice Sessions and became a Certified Trainer in July 2009.

As a volunteer at RSVP, I am sharing my computer knowledge with seniors through teaching. I conduct Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, Basic Computer, E-travel, E-transaction, E-communication and Digital Photo Management courses. I enjoy my volunteer work through sharing my knowledge with other seniors. During these few years, I am not only sharing my knowledge with other seniors, I am also gaining some experience from them. I realise that seniors are lonely. They need friends and they want to know more about IT. 

The satisfaction I get from my volunteer work is when I see the satisfaction in the faces of the seniors after completing a course. Most of them said "Thank you very much; we now know how to use the computer. We will continue learning". One of the participants presented me with a bundle of hand-made flowers. She said "We love you!" At the end of the lesson, some of them clapped hands happily; some of them hugged me before leaving the class. Let's work hard. Let RSVP be the best organisation in Singapore for seniors!


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