Ms Aileen Tay

Recipient of the Special Commendation Award 2010 and 2016
Volunteering with RSVP since 2006


I started volunteering in 2001 when I was approached by a friend to organise a lunch and outing for 22 children from the Assisi Hospice Day Centre for children.  Despite their life-limiting illnesses, these children were full of life and it was an emotional strain when they passed away. They were the ones who taught us how to love life, to live life to the fullest and to share with others.


I have been volunteering in the Changi Senior Ambassador Programme (CSA) since it first started in 2007. The programme took a break in end 2011 and was re-launched in August 2013 as the Changi Service Ambassadors Programme (CSA). Currently I am the Team Leader for the Saturday Team. My duties include liaising between Changi Airport Group and RSVP-CSA on airport and related matters, briefing new CSAs and helping to prepare them for the interview with CAG.


When you decide to serve the community, serve with Passion! It is service from the heart that gives you the satisfaction of the job. Although we serve with no thoughts of reward, nevertheless we are more than rewarded when serving passengers in need.


I remember this young Indian national in transit at Changi Airport from Australia to India who had an ugly encounter with the airline staff & ICA officer.  He was so lost when I approached and offered him my help.  I did all the needful and managed to clear him through the immigration and got him to catch the flight on time.  He was so relieved and with tears in his eyes he asked if I allowed him to call me "mama" when he bid me farewell.  Two weeks after his holiday, on his way back to Australia, he called to see me and to hand me a box of cookies made especially by his mother for me.  I was so touched by the good gesture; but I could not accept the gift, as we were not allowed to when on duty at the airport.


When volunteering for a cause, do not expect any returns.  Once you've decided to serve, give your full support and dedication to it.  Put aside the time you've committed to the cause and fulfil your obligation without hesitation or reservation.