Ms Dora Lim

Volunteering with RSVP since 2008


How did you get into volunteering and why?

After my retirement I wanted to do something meaningful  and, at the same time, challenging as throughout my working life I was in an office. It was my youngest daughter, Louisa, who persuaded me to volunteer with RSVP Singapore as a Changi Senior Ambassador in 2008. 

What is your current volunteer work and what are your responsibilities?
At the moment I am a Cyberguide trainer, teaching various IT courses at RSVP.  I also volunteer to do PC maintenance work, i.e. to keep the computers in RSVP in working condition.  Recently I organised IT talks at a cafĂ© at Parkview Square to encourage seniors to join the IT courses at RSVP.

How often do you volunteer each week and for how many hours?
For the PC maintenance work, it is once a week. As a trainer it is also once a week for 3 hours.

What satisfaction have you gained from the experience?  Can you share a touching volunteer experience?
The satisfaction is knowing that I managed to impart some of my IT knowledge to the seniors in a way that they could understand me.  Many a times I was very touched by seniors who only wanted to join the next class if I volunteered to be the trainer for that particular class.  At the end of the day, they became my friends.

What would you say to other seniors about volunteering?
Come and join us and be part of the volunteering group.  Not only will you be giving back to society, you will also learn from the seniors in many other ways.  It is a win-win situation.