Workplace Engagement

Workplace Engagement

Our Corporate Partners Are Vital Community Investors

Businesses reach out to us to collaborate on driving sustainable impact.

We play a central role in bringing together our Corporate and Community Partners to co-curate and implement meaningful and sustainable ESG strategies. With 25 years as the nation’s champion for senior volunteerism, we hold best practices in enabling a culture of giving through programmes that enrich the entire value chain of volunteering journeys.

With our vast network and on-the-ground insights, we can help community investors make more informed decisions, shape their social mission and inspire their employees with meaningful community connections.

In addition to customised CSR journeys involving their employees during the year, our community investors can also choose to sponsor a preferred programme of their choice. All sponsorships are entitled to 2.5 times tax deduction.

Speak to us about your company’s needs.

Email us at or call 6259 0802.

Past CSR events:

Every year, we organise over 20 events with 400 corporate volunteers and reach out to over 1,000 beneficiaries. This programme allows us to provide a platform where employees can create purposeful volunteering journeys and connect with causes which resonate with them. All events are led by our trained volunteers. For more information on our past events, click here.

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