National Senior Volunteer Month

National Senior Volunteer Month

About NSVM

In line with its mission to provide opportunities for seniors to serve the community, RSVP took the lead in organising one of the first major volunteering movement targeted at the senior citizenry to encourage them to embark on their volunteering journey in 2012. Working with various VWO partners, volunteering opportunities were created to allow new and would be volunteers to have a taste of volunteering. This movement was called Senior Volunteer Week (SVW). SVW has grown from 30 activities involving over 1,000 volunteers in 2012 to a months-long celebration from 2015 onwards.

NSVM 2018

NSVM 2018 was launched on 12 June 2018 by Dr Ang Hak Seng, BBM, Deputy Secretary of Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). This also marks the first NSVM where we launched online registrations for our activities.

With support from MCCY and Council for Third Age (C3A), we curated a series of 35 meaningful activities through collaboration with 43 community partners from social service and public service. We reached out to 804 volunteers and approximately 11,000 beneficiaries over four months from July to October.

Championing the SG Cares movement, NSVM 2018 culminated in a grand celebration on 8 September. 500 participants turned up that day, including volunteers, community partners, government agencies and members of the public.

Photos of our event on 8 September are here.

NSVM 2017

NSVM 2017 with its new theme “Retire with a Purpose – Volunteer” attracted over 2,000 participants at its opening ceremony at ITE College Central on 9 September. 180 senior volunteers volunteered as ushers, crowd control volunteers and ambassadors. Supported by Council for Third Age, over 1,500 volunteers served different beneficiary segments through 30 unique volunteering opportunities that took place over 3 months from July to September.

NSVM 2015 & 2016

In 2015, SVW was rebranded as National Senior Volunteer Month (NSVM) highlighting its significance at a national level to increase the number of seniors volunteers in Singapore. NSVM continues to remain a signature event of RSVP.

The inaugural NSVM was launched on 4 September 2015 by the then President Tony Tan at Toa Payoh HDB Hub. The theme “Senior Volunteerism – Soaring to Greater Heights” reflected the continuing value of seniors to the community. The goal is to engage volunteers primarily seniors in meaningful volunteering opportunities benefitting the less privileged in the society and to encourage partnerships amongst VWOs and corporates. Supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund and the Ministry of Health,  NSVM 2015 had a record turnout of 3,931 volunteers, out of which 2,648 were seniors, taking part in 61 unique volunteering activities that had 17,376 beneficiaries over 10 months.

In 2016, NSVM continued on a modest scale involving over 400 volunteers reaching out to 1,000 beneficiaries over the course of 2 months.

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