Volunteer Learning Centre

Volunteer Learning Centre

Update 21 April 2020: In response to MOH’s announcement to extend the suspension of all senior-centric activities, we will continue to suspend all classes and activities from now to June 1. This includes Open House, IT classes, enrichment activities, activity circles and volunteer training classes. All affected participants will be informed. Please continue to maintain good personal hygiene practices. For more updates, please refer to www.moh.gov.sg. Let’s stay calm as we tide through this period.

The Volunteer Learning Centre (VLC) was inaugurated in 2012 as a centre for volunteers of all ages, who are keen to enhance their volunteering skills.

VLC workshops are delivered by senior volunteers who are skilled facilitators and have a wealth of voluntary and corporate experience.

Some of the workshops on our training roadmap include:

  • 101 BEV – Be an Effective Volunteer
  • 102 BEF – Befriending
  • 103 GTT: Growing Together as a Team for Service
  • 202 CS: Providing Customer Service as a Volunteer


NEW! As at 1 January 2019, all volunteer development courses at RSVP Singapore are subsidised by National Silver Academy and cost only $12! Download our full NSA volunteer development course listings here.


Click here for March 2020 Courses


Click here for April 2020 Courses


Do you advocate volunteer learning? Be a facilitator!

Join us if:

  • You are not afraid to speak in front of a crowd.
  • You have previous volunteering experience.
  • You have experience in training others (Preferred, otherwise training will be provided).
  • You are dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of volunteerism in Singapore.
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