Mr Lim Bock Seng

Volunteering with RSVP since 2013

Upon retiring from the civil service in 2010, I tried to look for some part-time work. However, it was difficult due to my health condition. I then asked myself, “Since I don’t have any financial burdens and have plenty of time on my hands, why not do volunteer work?”

After learning about RSVP on the radio in 2012, I decided to find out more through their introductory talk. That was when I first started to volunteer with Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) to carry out outpatient visits under the MyBuddy programme. Through this programme, I visit discharged elderly patients with frequent readmission history and befriend them, to ensure that they are able to age in place. These visits definitely had a positive impact on me as I gained satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

For this programme, I partner a community nurse who visits elderly outpatients. We will then make the first visit together, following which I will schedule subsequent visits by myself if the patient concerned provides positive feedback.

Currently I take charge of 12 elderly outpatients from KTPH. I will visit them at their homes, accompanying and chatting with them. During each visit, my key responsibilities include measuring their blood pressure and raising any concern they have to the community nurse. I would then submit a written report to the nurse after each visit to keep them updated.

The best thing in the world is seeing people smile because of you. After each visit, it brings me a lot of satisfaction when I see the patient’s face light up. I do feel grateful upon their request for me to visit again, as it gives me greater courage to continue the visits. This explains why I prefer joining such a programme. I have always believed that a one-to-one personal visit is more beneficial for the patient as compared to group activities.

At the moment, I do not volunteer with other organisations. RSVP alone provides a lot of volunteering opportunities to empower senior volunteers. More importantly, this organisation has done its job in building my confidence as a volunteer.

Volunteering is never about the monetary benefit, but it is about giving without expecting anything in return. When we volunteer, beneficiaries feel happy with the companionship while volunteers gain intangible benefits. The motivation to volunteer should come from deep within, so follow your heart and belief!

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