Ms Dorothy Loh

Volunteering since 2012

I first started volunteering in 2012 at my own church (Salvation Army Church) where I provided for female worshippers with spiritual needs and also helped to prepare food and the logistics during the fellowship sessions.

I believed that helping the community is doing God’s will to spread love to mankind. Giving to others can also help protect one’s mental and physical health. When I volunteer, I feel happier and it keeps me mentally stimulated and provides me with a sense of purpose in life.

I first heard about RSVP Singapore through an acquaintance and we decided to attend the Open House together.

I have participated in many Episodic volunteering activities. I chose to join Episodic Volunteering (EV) because the programme provided a variety of volunteering opportunities for me to try out at a flexible pace. EV turned out to be a perfect arrangement for me as I can continue to work and contribute back to the community at the same time.

Other than volunteering my time with RSVP Singapore, I have also attended the IT classes they conducted, such as Windows 10, Cybersecurity etc. to better equip myself with IT knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, being able to participate in big scale community projects like the “Fu Dai Packing with Standard Chartered Bank and Comchest” in January 2020 and the “#BYOBClean” initiative at the community clubs is an eye opener for me. I felt hopeful and touched to see so many like-minded individuals coming together for a common cause.

Through volunteering, I have seen my own transformation. I have become MORE empathetic and patient. I also have less pride, ego and anger. I have become a better person.

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