RSVP Welcomes Woh Hup as New CSR Partner

22 volunteers from our corporate partner Woh Hup accompanied 21 primary school children from Parc Terraces RN (Residents’ Network) for a farm tour and self-watering planter workshop at Edible Garden City on 23 November 2019. It was Woh Hup’s first CSR activity with us. Participants were split into three groups and went on an educational tour around the four unique farming stations: insect farming, container farming, outdoor organic garden and indoor microgreen cultivation. For the workshop, participants learned about the importance of being environmentally friendly through recycling, and used recycled 1.5 litre water bottles to create their own self-watering planter. Everyone got to bring home their own assembled potted plant at the end of the workshop! They were also taught the basics of gardening – on the amount of sun required for different plants, how much to water etc. It was indeed a fun and educational Saturday! View more photos of the event here.

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