Mr Chan Pit Seng

RSVP Volunteer of the Year 2016
Volunteering with RSVP since 2006

After my retirement in 2005 at the age of 65 years and with persuasion from friends and relatives, I decided to give back to society. I got to learn and know of RSVP as an organisation of senior volunteers which is geographically close to where I live. I possess the necessary professional skills and knowledge which I want to share with others. Since I have decided to ‘donate’ my skills, I slowly got to know the people in the community.

Initially, I started as a mentor looking after at-risk children at First Toa Payoh Primary School. I remained there for almost three years before I switched fully to teaching conversational English. Now I spend about 4 hours of teaching per week at RSVP. Besides this, I am also involved in other activities on an adhoc basis e.g. organising New Year parties, performing as master of ceremony for RSVP’s functions, conducting volunteerism and heath related talks. I also started the Karaoke sessions for volunteers who love to sing. Periodically, the Karaoke Group is activated to bring joy and cheer to elderly residents at nursing home.

Now that I have more time on my hands, I want to do something different from my old job. I want to stand up and be counted as I believe I still have values and self-worth. I know too that I am needed and I feel good that I can repay my debt to society by demonstrating my contribution to a good and useful cause. If I can make an impact on others, why don’t I do it? I may make a difference to someone’s life.

My voluntary work is challenging, fulfilling and meaningful. Being a good team player, I soon make a lot of new friends and my network of friends is expanded. Besides feeling good, I receive some benefits in the form of recognition and favours but not for pay. I also get a chance to learn something new to further improve my interpersonal skills and human quality of life. I am able to hone my public speaking skills by being a member of the Gavel Club where I managed to earn myself the title of a competent communicator.

Voluntary work is a two-edged sword which cuts both way – the giver as well as the receiver. If you have got the passion, join us as a volunteer and we will provide you with good opportunities to share your skills and experience with the community. You will benefit too by leading a fulfilling and meaningful life.


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