Mr Ling Lik Kwok

Volunteering with RSVP since December 2017

I found joy in volunteering before I retired, when I was working in operations at a supermarket chain. As part of the company’s CSR culture, my colleagues and I were engaged in several community programmes.

After retirement, I joined RSVP in 2017 and now wear many hats. I am a team leader at Care Corner under the Enriching Lives of Seniors Programme and a certified trainer for Healthy Ageing Promotion Programme For You (HAPPY).

I’m also a member of RSVP’s Videocast Activity Circle, filming and editing videos for RSVP, and a trainer in Cyberguide teaching other seniors IT. When I was in the workforce, I avoided using computers. But now, I contribute what little IT knowledge I have to help seniors stay connected. Being in Videocast helped me discover a passion for video projects and I have even started working on video projects on my own time – capturing precious moments together with my family and grandson.

Volunteering not only keeps me mentally active and physically fit, but it also gives me the chance to widen my network. My days are now full of exciting social activities which make me busier than when I was in the corporate world!

Outside of RSVP, I play the ukulele in a ukulele group, performing at nursing homes and grassroots events, and am an ad-hoc Smart Nation Ambassador for the National Library Board.

I would encourage fellow seniors to volunteer because happy people give and gain more with volunteer work.

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