Ms Bina Amul Subnis

Volunteering since 2016

I retired at a fairly young age because I felt that I have worked enough, and it was about time I contribute all that I have gained over the years to the society. Before joining RSVP Singapore, I had been involved with a couple of other volunteer work at several places such as Young Women’s Christian Association, SINDA, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and Satya Sai Group.

In June 2016, I joined RSVP Singapore through a friend of mine who is now a Cyberguide trainer in RSVP. She shared with me all the interesting programmes that RSVP has to offer. One programme that stood out to me particularly the most was the Mentally Disadvantaged Outreach Programme (MDOP), where they work with People with Mental Health Issues (PMHIs). I have always wanted to work with the people at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) as I used to work in the medical field as a sales personnel. Fortunately, IMH was and still is a partner of MDOP. Besides IMH (Mobile Library), I am also active in Bethesda Care 574 (BCARE 574) and Anglican Care Centre Hougang (ACC HG).

Since joining RSVP, I have learned so much from the other volunteers. For example my team leader from ACC HG is a very creative and innovative individual. One time during Chinese New Year she taught the clients at ACC HG how to make a mouse out of a red packet which we then used to decorate the center’s hall.

I also remember a client from BCARE 574 first time baking – she was very uncertain about how it should be done. However, after several sessions of practicing she came to be very confident at baking and had even gone back to the workforce as a baker in one of the bakery stores!

The thing that motivates me the most during volunteering is the satisfaction of the clients’ smiles after they have accomplished something from the activities that we conducted with them. There will always be something to look forward to for every session to keep the members engaged.

On days when I am free, I would also stay back after the session to learn crochet and sewing from the clients. This gives me so much joy and happiness knowing that the clients do not only learn from us, but we too could learn from them.

I highly urge those who are keen to volunteer but are hesitant to come out of your comfort zone and think about how much these people need you. Most importantly, always strive to go beyond your limits.

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