Ms Cheow Chin Wang

RSVP Volunteer of the Year 2013
Volunteering with RSVP since 2007

I remember when I initially attended computer classes at RSVP, I am a computer illiterate and I felt really lost during the classes. With the help of the trainers and tutors, I was able to pick up the skills gradually. In late 2007, I started to volunteer as a tutor in the Cyberguide programme after encouragement from one of the trainers. I continued to attend IT courses to enrich myself. I the shared the knowledge I learnt with the course participants by tutoring on an ad-hoc basis.I decided to go a step higher to become a trainer. I attended the MUP (Microsoft Unlimited Potential) PowerPoint Course and became a certified trainer in December 2010.

Besides being an active volunteer in the Cyberguide programme, I am also with the RSVP Line Dancing Group. Our Line Dance instructors led the group to perform at several nursing homes on several occasions. We also performed at the Esplanade Station Opening ceremony in April last year. I enjoy volunteering in this way as I’m not only bringing joy to myself but to others as well. In January 2011, I began volunteering as a Changi Senior Ambassador on Saturdays.

Ever since I started volunteering at RSVP, I regained my confidence and most importantly, self-worth, and am leading a happier life than before. At home, I can connect better with my three lovely grandchildren and show them that their granny is as good, if not better, than them at the computer. I am able to help my daughter to guide them with their schoolwork especially when it involves online homework. I also saved on phone bills when I catch up with my younger daughter who is working in London through Skype. I am able to see her photos on Facebook to know about her life on the other side of the world.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are able to help and your help is appreciated. By helping another person you not only put a smile on their face but also yours.

Don’t wait, “give” when and while you are able and be rewarded by the “feel good, happy, confident, satisfied and proud” factors which sometimes money can’t buy.

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