Ms Fan Li Hua

Volunteering since May 2018

I believe in pursuing an active lifestyle and giving back to society. I have always been interested in volunteering but never knew where to start. I often attend volunteering outreach activities by other organisations but never found an opportunity that suited my schedule as I still had other commitments.

I was first introduced to RSVP Singapore when my husband signed up to be a Trainer with the Cyberguide programme after attending the classes conducted here. My husband then encouraged me to try out the Befriending programmes, and I decided to give it a shot since it suited my schedule perfectly back then.

I started volunteering in the Enriching Lives of Seniors Programme (ELSP) at Econlife! Hub. Together with a team of six volunteers, we conducted exercises, puzzle games, and other simple activities to engage the beneficiaries in the centre. I later moved on to the MyBuddy Programme where I conduct regular visits to socially isolated seniors at Lions Home For The Elders. Here, I engage the beneficiaries with riddles, singing, and interesting news articles that are relevant to them. This also keeps them connected to the local news and happenings. When I first started volunteering at the Home, I was only engaging with two beneficiaries. To my surprise, I now engage with five beneficiaries each week because they enjoy the stories I share and activities I conduct for them.

I truly enjoy the time I spend interacting and connecting with all my beneficiaries. Once I shared with my beneficiaries a news article about Maglev trains and they got very excited as it was a technological marvel to them. I did not think much about the story but later realised that it had left a deep impact on them.

I visit my beneficiaries weekly and often, they struggle to remember my name even though they recognise me. Funnily, my sharing session on the Maglev trains left a deep and memorable impression on them! So much so that during one of my visits, the beneficiaries addressed me as ‘flying train’ – a colloquial term I often used to describe the Maglev trains in my stories. I was shocked to hear that but felt very touched that my efforts paid off! I learned that volunteering my time at the Home has truly touched and improved the lives of the beneficiaries.

I am now an active volunteer in MyBuddy programme as well. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I filmed a video greeting for the beneficiaries at the Home. I also continued engaging the seniors at the Home through Zoom. Even though these platforms are new to me and the other volunteers, I am eager to try and not afraid.

My family and friends are very supportive of me doing volunteering work. They all said that ever since I started volunteering, I have become “younger” and more vibrant! I truly enjoy my time with the beneficiaries and cannot wait to go back to visit them again.

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