Ms Ho Soo Pong

Volunteering with RSVP since November 2011

I gained an interest in Hainanese cuisine as I am Hainanese, and I wanted to learn how to cook Hainanese cuisine and pass it down to the younger generation.

I noticed there weren’t any YouTube videos on this, so I started my own YouTube channel in 2014. I wanted to increase public awareness and preserve the Hainanese culinary heritage. I had attended a video editing course, and I used to work as a senior associate engineer in the networking planning department in a telecommunications company, so it was quite easy for me to start.

The first video I uploaded was the Hainanese Yi Bua. I learnt the recipe from a relative and have tweaked it over the years after attending several cooking classes. The snack brings back fond memories to the Hainanese as this is normally eaten on auspicious occasions such as baby’s full month, weddings and birthdays. The video received a lot of positive response and views, which encouraged me further, so I decided to continue recording and uploading videos of myself cooking Hainanese cuisine. The dishes I cook are either recipes from my relatives or from trial and error.

I have been a volunteer with RSVP since 2011. I am in RSVP’s Cyberguide Programme and Gourmet Activity Circle (GAC).

As a Cyberguide, I feel happy being able to help and guide seniors in the use of technology. I experience a sense of accomplishment when participants gain the knowledge and confidence after attending the training. I recall a time when a couple in their eighties attended a video management course. They left with a sense of satisfaction having mastered the skill. It proves that age should not be a barrier to learning.

In the GAC, all of us have a keen interest in cooking, so we gather to cook and share our food. Volunteering with the GAC allows me to make friends with other like-minded individuals and exchange recipes with them. it is especially rewarding when I hear compliments from people who like our food. It also gives me a deep sense of satisfaction to be able to contribute to society at the same time.

There was once when I shared my Hainanese Yi Bua during one of the GAC activities. The Hainanese members present at the session commented that they missed eating it, and someone even said that it reminded him of his mother’s Yi Bua. I was quite touched by this.

I believe in lifelong learning, so I engage myself in other activities like yoga, ukulele and tai chi. I also volunteer in the Enriching Lives of Seniors Programme. I’m proud to say that I can still learn new skills. This proves that nothing is impossible as long as we try. My children and grandchildren are also very proud that I’m so active at my age.


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