Ms Jenny Lieu

Volunteering since 2019

I started volunteering with RSVP in April 2019 after my retirement in March. I had heard of RSVP previously but never got the chance to explore its programmes due to work commitment. Retirement gave me the opportunity to sign up with RSVP and I participated in various IT workshops as well as episodic activities. After gaining more exposure, I decided to join two regular programmes: the Mentoring Programme, volunteering at Cheng San FSC, and Senior Guiding Programme, volunteering at National Heart Centre.

I am involved as a mentor at Cheng San FSC. It is memorable to see the children look forward to spending time with us each week followed by soccer sessions at The Cage (part of the “Football Forward” programme). At the National Heart Centre, I assist patients with the self-registration kiosk upon their arrival and provide directional assistance. It is an interesting role as I get to interact with patients; at times understanding their challenges while helping them in any way I can. I do see young adults in their twenties suffering from heart problems and this makes me appreciate how lucky we are as seniors to be in good health and serving others!

Having been to several volunteering events, be it mentoring, guiding or episodic, I learned to appreciate what I have and to make good use of my health, ability and knowledge to help the less fortunate and people who need assistance. Volunteering gives me joy and satisfaction when I see how others can benefit from the little help I can offer. Through my journey, I also appreciate the many RSVP members I got to meet and became friends with, and I hope to gain more experiences from them!

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