Ms Martha Ee

Volunteering with RSVP since August 2017

I came across RSVP at a roadshow in Suntec in 2017. I had experience in home visits, so I was interested to volunteer for the MyBuddy programme.

My children are all grown up. My husband asked why I couldn’t stay at home and watch tv. He was worried that I might “catch” a disease from visiting the clients. I explained to him that these clients are cured. They just needed someone to talk to.

When I did home visits for the first time, I was scared – of course I was scared. But I tell myself, I am using God’s gift. I am these clients’ “third ear”. There are some things that they cannot tell their children, so they share them with me instead.

I used to visit two clients, but one passed away in September 2019. The one who passed away – I had a close relationship with her. I called her “Ah Ma”. When I visited her, I would bring her out with her helper.

Sometimes, I would bring her to eat durian. Her helper would say “no good!” but I said it’s ok, it’s once in a while. I would then take photos and videos of her during our outings and send it to her son to update him. Her son was very appreciative of what I’ve done. He had a good heart too – he would insist on paying for our meals. Over the course of our time together, Ah Ma showed improvements, and she looked forward to our visits.

Although she has passed on, I still maintain a close relationship with her helper. I would meet her for lunch occasionally, just to check how she was doing.

My second client – it was a bit difficult to handle her at first. Once, she told me to inform her first before I came. I was quite taken aback. But I only found out later her reason for doing so was so that she could cook for me.

It is not easy to look after the elderly. You must have patience, passion and endurance. But once you build the rapport with them, it is beautiful.

I am not a perfect person. I have leg problems, I have walking problems. But I have the time, I have the compassion and the caring attitude. I like to reach out to anybody who needs care. A little bit of touch can change a person’s life.


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