Ms Sheila Lim

Volunteering since 2013

Many would have thought I am a retiree, but I am a 62-year-old freelance real estate agent. Before I began my career as a real estate agent, I used to work at Singpost as a customer service officer for about 20 years.

I first heard about RSVP Singapore through my sister Dora who is a Cyberguide trainer. For many years she had tried to talk me into joining RSVP, but I was constantly hesitant. That changed until I joined an enrichment class and a classmate of mine shared his inspiring story about RSVP. His story encouraged me to take that leap of faith.

Before I joined RSVP, I took part in a short-term volunteering project by HDB as a senior ambassador that brought children and seniors to tour the then-newly built eco-friendly playground at Punggol three lodge. Currently, I am actively volunteering in RSVP’s Cyberguide Programme, and Bethesda Care Centre (BCARE 242), and OcTave at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) under the Mentally Disadvantaged Outreach Programme (MDOP).

I joined Cyberguide because I had witnessed an 80-year-old senior actively sign himself up for IT classes to advance his IT knowledge. Her drive and learning attitude were what made me decide to volunteer in Cyberguide. As the technology is ever-changing, one must keep up with society.

As for volunteering in MDOP, Linda, the volunteer chairman of MDOP spotted me one day and asked if I would like to be an observer at BCARE 242 for a day. I agreed and from there, my volunteering journey at BCARE 242 continued till date. Volunteering at OcTave at IMH came along later.

The clients from MDOP are generally much younger, and this enables us to keep our physical and mental health active. At the same time, we get to engage with the clients and provide them some social support leading to a win-win situation. One of the most memorable memories I had while volunteering was meeting a new group of clients and how they were extremely chatty because they were excited to see new faces. This gesture warmed my heart and made me feel welcome.

Through volunteering, I learn more about people’s lives and their stories have significantly enhanced my empathy towards this community. Our purpose is to bridge the gap and bring a little blessing to the clients in hopes of brightening up their day.

I hope that through my story, you will be inspired to embark on your own volunteering journey.

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